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Benefits Of Water Softeners For Appliances

If you are using tap water to fuel the appliances in your home, then you may be using what’s known as a hard water supply. Hard water can contain a lot of added minerals that, while fine to consume, can have some unintended effects on your appliances. Water softeners can be set up to remove extra elements from your water with several different benefits, as listed below.  Clothes Washer and Dishwasher When hard water is run through your clothing washer or your dishwasher, it can leave streaks or scum behind. Hard water is already weighed down with mineral sediment, so it can’t be as efficient at picking up the residue left behind by soap or detergent. But using water softeners in your home, you can reduce your need to clean up after the sediments left behind by your washer and dishwasher.  Corrosion in Smaller Appliances Hard water supplies can also leave behind a streak of minerals that builds up over time in your smaller appliances, such as coffee makers and other tools that require water to flow through. Over time, this can shorten their lifespan and make them less efficient.  Easier on Your Stove The minerals in hard water may make it harder for the water to boil, since they bring up the boiling point of the water. This can do a number on your stove, since it will need to expend more energy to heat water to the appropriate temperature–– you’ll need to wait longer for a pot of water to boil. Quicker Maintenance for Plumbing The same minerals that can cause issues in your other appliance can... read more

Save Money By Fixing Your Appliances

The national average for a service call for fixing a major home appliance is $70 to $90. While that may seem like quite a bit of green, the truth is that having your major appliances serviced when they have issues instead of replacing them saves you major money in the long run. Here are some issues that commonly surface in appliances, and ways they can be fixed. Dryers The commonly broken parts in dryers seem to be the heating element or the control switches and sensors. If your heating element has gone out, your dryer will turn on and spin like it always does, but the air in the drum never heats up and the clothes never get dry. While heating elements can be relatively inexpensive, costing between $40 and $150 for common brands, they are not necessarily an easy fix. Depending on the dryer model, your repair person may have to practically tear the entire dryer chassis apart to get to that heating element. Sensors like door switches, thermistors (which senses the air temperature in the dryer), and moisture sensors can short out or wear out over time. This can have drastic effects on your dryer’s ability to intelligently manage the drying process. You see these issues in dryers that will not start, will not stop, or which take an extremely long time to dry.  Luckily all of these switching and sensor parts are cheap and relatively easy to install. It’s definitely better to pay for dryer repair than it is to buy a whole new dryer.  Washing Machines Washers seem to frequently experience problems with leaking water, and... read more

Choosing A More Energy Efficient Lighting For Your Business

You can’t really turn on the news without hearing about global warming and greenhouse emissions. When it comes to companies, they get hit a little harder when they are seen as not doing their part. With so many advancements in commercial products, as a company you can utilize these advancements to help reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately save energy. One of the biggest ways to do this is through your lighting. There are many variations of energy efficient lighting that can provide you ample light without using more energy. Just by switching out your traditional bulbs for compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, you could be using 75% to 80% less energy. From wall sconces to pendant fixtures, choosing the right bulbs can help create the best lighting for your company without using too much energy.  Globe Bulbs Not all light fixtures allow you to see the bulbs. If your light fixtures are open enough so you can see the bulbs, you want something that not only uses less energy, but is a great accent to the surroundings. Globe bulbs are most commonly used in bathrooms. They are spiral bulbs that are protected with a cover. These bulbs can get just as bright as traditional bulbs, but you won’t be using nearly the amount of energy.  Spiral CFLs Spiral bulbs are the most popular type of CFLs. One of the biggest benefits of getting spiral bulbs is they not only look nice, but they can be customized to fit your needs. You can choose the color you want including daylight, soft white, and natural light. This allows you to... read more

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