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garbage disposal use and care

The garbage disposal in your kitchen is probably the most overlooked appliance in your home. Do you take the time to maintain the unit so that it lasts many years with few failures? Do you know what should never be put through your garbage disposal? Do you know how to eliminate the odors that can come from the unit? There are many tips that you can use to care for your garbage disposal on my website. Take a moment to read everything that I have learned about caring for and using a garbage disposal so that you can avoid the cost and inconvenience of replacing it.



Choosing A More Energy Efficient Lighting For Your Business

You can't really turn on the news without hearing about global warming and greenhouse emissions. When it comes to companies, they get hit a little harder when they are seen as not doing their part. With so many advancements in commercial products, as a company you can utilize these advancements to help reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately save energy. One of the biggest ways to do this is through your lighting.

There are many variations of energy efficient lighting that can provide you ample light without using more energy. Just by switching out your traditional bulbs for compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, you could be using 75% to 80% less energy. From wall sconces to pendant fixtures, choosing the right bulbs can help create the best lighting for your company without using too much energy. 

Globe Bulbs

Not all light fixtures allow you to see the bulbs. If your light fixtures are open enough so you can see the bulbs, you want something that not only uses less energy, but is a great accent to the surroundings. Globe bulbs are most commonly used in bathrooms. They are spiral bulbs that are protected with a cover. These bulbs can get just as bright as traditional bulbs, but you won't be using nearly the amount of energy. 

Spiral CFLs

Spiral bulbs are the most popular type of CFLs. One of the biggest benefits of getting spiral bulbs is they not only look nice, but they can be customized to fit your needs. You can choose the color you want including daylight, soft white, and natural light. This allows you to decide how much brightness you really want. For example, an office with very few windows may need the daylight spirals, while an office with large windows may need the soft white color. 

Dimmable CFLs

The type of lighting you need can change depending on the time of day and the work you are doing. When you have a fixture with a dimmer, you need to use dimmable CFLs only in the fixture. The great thing about dimmable lights is the consistency in light color. You can dim them to between 10 and 40% of their brightness depending on your needs. You can typically find the dimmable bulbs in the soft white color. 

By utilizing these three options for your bulbs, you can feel confident you will be doing your part in reducing greenhouse emissions. Other CFL bulbs to consider include 3-way CFLs, indoor reflector bulbs, candle bulbs, and even tubed bulbs. From your recessed cans to your ceiling fans, it is important to consider what bulbs work best for each of your commercial lighting fixtures.