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garbage disposal use and care

The garbage disposal in your kitchen is probably the most overlooked appliance in your home. Do you take the time to maintain the unit so that it lasts many years with few failures? Do you know what should never be put through your garbage disposal? Do you know how to eliminate the odors that can come from the unit? There are many tips that you can use to care for your garbage disposal on my website. Take a moment to read everything that I have learned about caring for and using a garbage disposal so that you can avoid the cost and inconvenience of replacing it.



Save Money By Fixing Your Appliances

The national average for a service call for fixing a major home appliance is $70 to $90. While that may seem like quite a bit of green, the truth is that having your major appliances serviced when they have issues instead of replacing them saves you major money in the long run. Here are some issues that commonly surface in appliances, and ways they can be fixed.


The commonly broken parts in dryers seem to be the heating element or the control switches and sensors.

If your heating element has gone out, your dryer will turn on and spin like it always does, but the air in the drum never heats up and the clothes never get dry.

While heating elements can be relatively inexpensive, costing between $40 and $150 for common brands, they are not necessarily an easy fix. Depending on the dryer model, your repair person may have to practically tear the entire dryer chassis apart to get to that heating element.

Sensors like door switches, thermistors (which senses the air temperature in the dryer), and moisture sensors can short out or wear out over time. This can have drastic effects on your dryer's ability to intelligently manage the drying process. You see these issues in dryers that will not start, will not stop, or which take an extremely long time to dry. 

Luckily all of these switching and sensor parts are cheap and relatively easy to install. It's definitely better to pay for dryer repair than it is to buy a whole new dryer. 

Washing Machines

Washers seem to frequently experience problems with leaking water, and the culprit part can be hard to diagnose. There are various easy repairs for rubber or plastic parts in the washer that can contribute to leaking: tub seals, door seals, tub to pump hoses, and drain hoses. These can all be quickly, easily, and fairly inexpensively replaced by a competent technician.

Drain pumps are another not infrequent source of water works, because they are prone to cracking or splitting. If your pump is broken, the entire thing has to be replaced as a unit. Pumps are easy to replace if your repair person has a match for your appliance on hand.

Let It Go

Some minor appliances, like microwave ovens, have gotten so inexpensive that it is likely not economical to fix them. Unless you have a very high end microwave, the cost of the repair visit plus expensive (because they are manufactured in relatively low volume) parts can make it worth your while to just buy a replacement.